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Dyed Black
Dyed Brown
Natural Brown
                                 Certified Playground Mulch

Landscaping Supplies
Tools: Rakes, Shovels, Picks, Axes, Post-hole Diggers, Hoes, Sledge Hammers, Shears, Pruners, Trimmer Line, Lawn Mower Blades, Spark Plugs, Fuel Line & Filters, Wheelbarrows, Spreaders, etc.
Supplies: Grass Seed, Straw, Fertilizers, Miracle-Gro, Hose Fittings & Repair, Weed Fabric,Weed & Feed, Holly Tone,
                                 Round-Up, Perlite, Orchid Mix, Plant Food, Preen, Pest Control (Sevin, Ortho, TAT), and much more!
Bulk & Bagged Stone
2A Modified, 2B Clean (Grey & Red), 1B Clean (Grey & Red), Screenings, Jersey Stone, Pea Gravel, and River Rock (3/4", 1-3", 3-5", 8-12")
Bulk & Bagged Soils
Mushroom Soil
Bar Sand
Fill Dirt

Screen & Storm Door, Gate Hardware, Home Hardware, Storage Hooks, U-Bolts, Nuts & Bolts, Fastners, Screws & Nails, Tarps, Sawzaw Blades, Table Saw & Circular Saw Blades, Pliers, Hammers, Vice-grips, Drill Bits, and much, much more!
Engine Oil, Car - Boat - Tractor Batteries, 2-cycle Oil, Grease, Anti-seize, Windsheild Wipers, Washer Fluid, Anti-freeze, Trailer Hitch Supplies, Light Bulbs, Cleaners, and more!
Layer Pellets & Crumble
Scratch Grains
Horse Feed
Sheep & Goat Feed
Suet, Sunflower Seed & Wild Bird Feed
Cob, Whole & Cracked Corn
Cedar & Pine Shavings
& More!
Electrical & Lighting
Light Bulbs, Extension Cords, Outlets, Light Switches, Wiring Devices, Electrical Tools, Assorted Wire, and much more!
Fittings: PVC, Brass, Galvanized & Black Iron Pipe. PEX & Shark Bites, Copper, and Fernco
Lenghts: Copper, PVC, PEX, CPVC, and Corrugated Pipe (Regular & Perforated)
Toilet & Sink Repair
                                 Gas: MAP Gas, Propane (cannisters & Blue Rhino exchange)
                                 Bonding: PVC Cement, PVC Primer, Pipe Dope, etc.
Painting Supplies
Spray Paint
Assorted Tape
Sand Paper
Steel Wool
Paint Buckets
Spackle & Joint Compound
Scrapers and Spackle Knives
Dust Masks
Drop Cloth
& More!
Welding Supplies
Welding Wire, MIG Wire, TIG Wire, Brazing Rod
Tips, Hoses, & Nozzles
Grinding Wheels
Wire Wheels, etc.
Masonary Supplies
Concrete Mix (60lb)
Mortar Mix (60lb)
Portland Cement (94lb)
Type-S Super Velvet (75lb)
Sandblasting Sand (100lb)
Vinyl Concrete Patch
Hydraulic Cement
Trowels, Brushes, Line, & other tools
Stucco Wire
Bonding Agent
Snow & Ice Melt
Rock Salt
Calcium Chloride Pellets
Bulk & Bagged Coal
Rice Coal
Pea Coal
Chestnut Coal
                          ‚Äč       Stove Coal (Bagged Only)
Stove Pipe & Accessories
Black (24 Gague) & Galvanized (26 Gague) Pipes:
Straight Lengths
Adjustable Elbows
Dampers (Manual & Automatic, Barametric)
Chimney Caps
Stainless Chimney Caps
Insulating Pipe Cement
Reducers & Increasers